Parent Involvement

Parent participation at Harvard Yard Child Care Center is knit into the structure of the program and is driven by a strong pedagogical commitment to the school-family link. The Center offers a rare and valuable opportunity to take parents’ and educators’ partnership in early childhood education to a high level. Parents participate at Harvard Yard Child Care Center in three categories detailed in its by-laws and handbooks: Parent class time, governance, and committee/work projects.

Parent class time is a unique feature of Harvard Yard Child Care Center where parents may spend time in their child’s classroom. It is an opportunity to enrich the parent-teacher dialogue and allows parents to become a full-fledged part of their child’s every day school world.

The link between parents and teachers is of great benefit to a child’s development, and is demonstrated to children during that parent class time. Teachers appreciate parents’ information and insights about their children, and their time together is a great way to discuss, question, and observe. Likewise, parents may observe and gain perspective about child development in general and their own child in particular.

In addition to classroom time, parents may also contribute to the Center in several other ways: community projects, general membership and room meetings, and governance. These contributions add so much to our community. We look forward to partnering with you!