Mission Statement

Harvard Yard Child Care Center (HYCCC) is a high quality, non-profit early education and care program and community of learners that includes administrators, teachers, children and families.

Based on guiding principles, we create a nurturing environment that supports the whole child. Demonstration of respectful practices and interactions is a core value in our program. HYCCC builds connections among community members and prioritizes professional development of teachers.

These guiding principles are:

  1. We treat others with respect and care.
  2. Because development spans a lifetime, we constantly learn, change, and improve our practice.
  3. We teach with intention.
  4. We tailor our teaching practice to best meet the needs of our students and families.
  5. We strive to affect positive changes in the people, environments, and cultures that we touch.
  6. We value and respect difference within and beyond our community.
  7. We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and improvement of our practice as teachers, collaborative partners with parents, and as role models to children.
  8. We are committed to maintaining our own health and well-being as a basis on which our ability to care for children depends.
  9. Our work is a collaborative effort.